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Just bought myself a new Multistrada 1200 Tourer after reading how good they are and I've always wanted to ride across Australia one way and as I'm about to turn the big 60 in May I thought time to ride a bike across the Paddock as the truckies call it. I'll send a set of photos as I go I will update it daily if I have reception, should be a great ride.

I've got the latest Multistrada 1200 Tourer it comes with panniers, centre stand and heated grips also has the latest Skyhook active suspension,can't wait to try her out,also added a top box and Ducati GPS to help me navigate through the city's of Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide, when I get back to Perth I can turn it off should be able to find my way home by then.

DAY 1:

Day one got into Sydney but it was raining it stopped as i left Fraser Motorcycles in Sydney but it kept lightly raining all the way upthe Blue mountains to Bathurst.

Was about 11° but on the new Multistrada with my warm jacket and waterproof pants boots ang gloves warm as toast. Heated grips were really good as well and the hand protection gards on the bike.

I arrived in Bathurst and went to Mount Panorama to do a few laps,I raced there in 1978 the year Mike Hailwood was there so I had to do it.

The speed limit is 60 kph and its policed pretty heavily so you have to keep your speed down,as you come down Conrod Straight a big bill board lets you know to take it easy as traffic goes both ways including tourist buses.

Leaving Fraser motorcycles in Parramatta Road Sydney where the boys at the Ducati Dealership have got my new 2013 Ducati Multistrada Tourer out of the create put own the panniers and the top box and GPS so I can find my way out of Sydney to Bathurst which will be my first sto , 3 laps around the race track (speed limit there is 60kph) Daniel at Ducati said he got flashed by the police coming down Conrod Straight at 78 kph (he was on his racing push bike) lucky I have to run the bike in or I might be tempted to go a bit quick, I raced in Bathurst in 1978 when Mike Hailwood was there.

DAY 2:

On to Orange and to a friends place that I met at the Birdsville races last year to say hello and let him push some buttons on the new Multistrada.

Very famous Roadhouse in Australia, even Slim Dusty wrote a song about it I think.

DAY 3:

Left TUMUT this morning at 8 (by the way it's one of the towns in Australia that you can spell both ways front or backwards) bit of trivia there. Headed to Talbingo, heading up to the Snowy Mountains. Where this photo was taken at Talbingo. The vapor trails off the plane went straight over the mountains and when I got to the top you felt at though you could reach up and touch them they seemed so close and I was so high up in the Mountains (kangaroos in the background).

DAY 4:

The great ocean road photos

DAY 5:

Great views from the road


DAY 7:

Bike running sweet about 150 out of Adelaide.

I detoured a bit and once i got a bit lost i asked the gps to take me home to Hahndorf... Down 3 ks of limestone track and back onto the road... I nearly turned around and then i thought just press Mode 4 Enduro... Only 100 hp and no traction control... Worked great.

when you go to Birdwood you have to go to this motorbike shop on the Main Street it has one of the best collections of old motorcycles and speedway bikes and memorabilia. That I recon you would find in Australia with the bikes in the front window for sale... Awsome

Well, I think I saw this bike at Phillip Island one year when we road down there, I remember the big tank. Imagine if you went up to this bloke and said my bike has the latest Active Skyhook Suspension... I think you would get some funny looks from him.

DAY 8:

Off to port Augusta today about 360 ks away and from there the next point of call will be Streaky Bay and then Ceduna and I start the Nullabor.

Got to port Augusta and met some friends, staying at Quorn with them, 40 ks out of town up a mountain range, great riding.

Went for a ride today went to the Highest town in SA the girl at the hotel said be able to say its the highest town you have to have a post office there. Did 370ks to get a hamberger and squash. And thats not on my route home.

Helped another rider today he had a punture so out with the Ducati tyre repair that comes with the bike.

He was lucky, I had the Ducati tyre repair and Steve is the manager of Bridgestone Tyres port Augusta he was on the edge of the road when we came up the mountain.

DAY 9:

Steve has told me about a place up in the Flinders Ranges to go to,Wilpena,I though i was on the flat from now on but he said this is worth doing about 120 ks up the Ranges no panniers today should be a great ride , Steves coming for the ride on his Harley.

DAY 10:

DAY 11:

I think this was about Port Kennedy on the way to Streaky bay today. Just a little roadhouse on the way to Streaky Bay.

DAY 12:

Just off the road The Great Australian Bight.

DAY 13:

ve just realised something i havent been passed the whole trip.

Into my 4th State. Just come from Nullabor... going to Madura Pass.

DAY 14:

At Ciaguna. Next bit the 90 mile straight not one corner for 146 ks. Rode off the road to photo the stone fisherman on the 90 mile straight. Just get into 6th gear and stop again for another photo. At the end of the 90 Mile Straight. Camel central at Norseman. Rode to Norseman today and then took another detour to Esperance big ride today over 700 ks long just couldnt stop riding... Going the coast and then home. Although you have SA time difference to WA there is another time difference as you get further away from the boarder. Balladonia Roadhouse with a big bit of Skylab hanging out the wall. Bike had done nearly 5,500 ks see speedo on the way to Esperance still 800ks till home.

DAY 15:

Breaky at Ravensthorpe.
Weather is closing in but still 20 degrees great riding weather on the way to Albany via Ravensthorpe.
I've had most days from 23 deg to 31 being the highest awsome weather all the way accross but its been raining in Bunbury a couple of days ,just looked up the weather its 5am in the morning 10 to 20 mm ..... I better get out of here early this morning and put on the winter gloves.

DAY 16:

Getting a quick check over At Ducati in Albany...... Thanks Mick .on the way again
Got off the beaten track today so put the bike in Enduro mode and followed the Trail to the main road.
Havent finished yet off to The Valley of the Giants near Warpole.
Check out my glove against the tree at tha bottom ... Big trees down here oppisite to the Nullabor.

DAY 17:

40 metre up in the top of the trees and the bridge sways as you walk up it.
It is amazing how high the trees are from the top.

DAY 18:

More unsealed road.

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