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Gallery 1: Drag Bike Assembly

Gallery 2: Sample Dyno Reports

Gallery 3: Ducati 900 SuperSport Turbo Drag Bike

Gallery 4: Ducati 999 Twin Turbo Drag Bike

Gallery 5: Ducati 916 Drag Bike

Gallery 6: Race Album

Gallery 7: Mad Stuff

Gallery 8: Video's
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Gallery 9: Drags Sat Nite (11/03/07)

Gallery 10: Newman Drags
(August 2007)

Gallery 11: Top Door Slamers
(December 2007)

Gallery 12: Number Plates

Gallery 13: 2008 Desmosedici Delivery

Gallery 14: Twin Turbo Assembly

Gallery 15: Ducati StreetFighter Drag Racing

Gallery 16: Wheat Bike

Gallery 17: Ducati 1199 Training

Gallery 18: Trip From Sydney To The Wild West On The New Multistrada

Gallery 19: Ducati MultiStrata 1200 Enduro

Training in Sydney:
Wayne and Todd are in Syndey for a three day training corse to update their knowledge of the latest Ducati motorcycles!

11 Day Dragbike: 11 Day Dragbike Build Up: We use the dyno to make the fastest and most powerfull 749r dragbike in the world!

Ducati Bunbury

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