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I have great confidence in recommending Todd Patterson to work on your bike. He is so meticulous with his work. he has been working with me now since he was 15 years of age coming in after school, and he is now 40 years old and has been here 25 years. He built my drag bike from scratch, and we now run the fastest and most powerfull Ducati 749R Ducati Dragbike in the world with the bike which is only 3/4 of a ltr engine putting out 250 rear wheel horsepower with more to get out of it. At that amount of increased power (std is 103hp) you have to be very good with your workmanship. (See photos in gallery) when we sell a new Ducati you get one of the best mechanics in Australia working on your bike and thats a good reason to buy your bike from us, and you get to run it in on the way home if you live in Perth and not pull out into the traffic and sit there with the bike getting hot. About 2 out of 3 bikes that we sell head back up that way. So if you need top service on your new or already owned Ducati give us a call. Sole Ducati only Dealer since 1993.
- Regards Wayne Patterson.


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We offer a full state-of-the-art dyno performance testing facility.
Please call us for more information on how this service can benefit you and current pricing.

Ducati Bunbury

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